We work closely with over 250 industry leading suppliers to facilitate a range of National Procurement solutions to over 800 UK public sector organisations. Suppliers appointed to our frameworks are  fundamental in delivering a comprehensive range of  products and services, primarily across the fleet and building material sectors.

Suppliers and Framework Agreements

TPPL Framework Agreements typically operate for 48 months from the date of award. Suppliers cannot be added once a Framework Agreement has been awarded, therefore it is important suppliers contact us to ensure they are entered onto our supplier engagement database.
Check the upcoming tenders page to assess when the next Framework Agreement or DPS opportunity relevant to their industry will be published inviting tenders.

Suppliers and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Our Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) allow suppliers to participate throughout the contract duration, which is typically 5 years from its commencement date.

Check the ‘upcoming tenders’ page for details of how to participate in our DPS Agreement.

Tender Portals

Both our Framework Agreement and Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) tenders will be published using the Delta e-sourcing portal, or the NEPO portal, where NEPO are the lead authority for the given solution.

Most of the nationally recognised electronic tendering portal opportunities are published on the Find a Tender website, including those published on Delta and the NEPO portal. We recommend all suppliers register an account

We work closely with suppliers to ensure our procurement solutions provide TPPL members with access to a comprehensive range of competitively priced, market leading suppliers throughout the United Kingdom.

Tender engagement process

We conduct a pre-tender engagement process with our members requesting details of suppliers they use to be included as part of our supplier engagement process. Supplier engagement is initiated prior to us publishing a Framework Agreement or Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) tender, to ensure all current and prospective suppliers are made aware of how and where the tender opportunity can be located, and how they submit a response to participate.

Benefits of being a supplier

  • Access to over 800 UK Public Sector Organisations including 85% of all UK Local Authorities
  • Support pre tender from TPPL representatives, where necessary
  • Suppliers provided the opportunity to engage with our members when members conduct pre-market engagement before going out to tender
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions for duration of contract
  • Simple, streamlined procurement process improving efficiency for members and suppliers alike
  • High percentage of TPPL contracts tendered result in award and orders for suppliers
  • Members encouraged to provide in depth scoring feedback for suppliers, enabling improved future submissions
  • Guidance and training provided by TPPL when bidding for opportunities via our solutions using the Delta e-sourcing platform
  • Appointed suppliers are provided with login details for secure supplier area of TPPL website
  • Opportunity to provide information to our members through webinar’s and forum type events.

To register your interest and join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming tenders, click below to complete our Supplier Registration form.