Building Materials Benchmarking

For organisations maintaining housing stock with in-house operatives, building materials can be a significant category of expenditure. Many organisations buy hundreds, if not thousands of different product lines and monitoring the cost of these materials is a challenge.

Our approach

We manage an extensive database of building material prices from the UK’s leading national merchants. This access to vital market information allows us to demonstrate how the client’s rates for the materials purchased from their supply-chain compares to peers.

We help you:

  • See your price performance in comparison to the wider market
  • Pinpoint products that are driving significant cost variation to benchmark levels
  • Establish product category performance to allow targeted improvements with supply-chain partners
  • Identify opportunities for potential value engineering across a range of products.

 If you need help with conducting a building material benchmark exercise, our expert team is on hand to support you. Get in touch now to find out how we can help.

“We are conscious that great value can reduce over lifelong contracts. The service provided by TPPL allows the merchant and contractor to have evidence based information about the market place – it should either tell you that you are still achieving great value or provide sufficient information to create strategies that will help you get back to great value.”

Mark Batchelor, Vivid Homes