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The Procurement Partnership Limited (TPPL) has completed an OJEU tender on behalf and in conjunction with Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Finance & Leasing, including fleet and accident management. The DPS provides contracting authorities with access to a range of market leading supplier for Operating Lease, Finance Lease, and Loans for a variety of assets. Fleet and accident Management are included under category 4 as standalone services for authorities.

    • Agreement Reference: TPPLHCCFL01
    • Start Date: 20th July 2021
    • End Date: 19th July 2026
    • Number of suppliers: 16
    • Contract Notice: 2021/S 000-017047
  • Category 1: Operating Lease (11 Suppliers)

    Operating Lease – Including, but not limited to, operating leases (and any variation thereof, e.g. contract hire or sale and leaseback) for equipment and/or machinery with associated services in the following categories*

    Category 2: Finance Lease (8 Suppliers)

    Finance Lease – Including, but not limited to, finance leases (and any variation thereof, e.g. sale and leaseback) for equipment and/or machinery within associated services in the following categories*

    Category 3: Loans (2 Suppliers)

    Including but not limited to, loan facilities for the acquisition of equipment and/or machinery in the following categories*

    *Including but not limited to, facilities for the acquisition of equipment and/or machinery in the following categories:

    • Agricultural
    • Airport equipment
    • Batteries (for hybrid or fully electric vehicles)
    • Buses and coaches
    • Commercial vehicles (light and heavy)
    • Construction and plant
    • Electric vehicle charging (Light and heavy duty)
    • Food processing and packaging
    • round maintenance equipment
    • Healthcare/Medical
    • Hydrogen fuel infrastructure, (production and refuelling)
    • Information technology, including hardware (and the installation of) and software
    • Leisure equipment
    • Materials handling
    • Modular buildings
    • Office equipment
    • Passenger vehicles
    • Recycling equipment
    • Specialist vehicles
    • Telecommunications
    • Workshop equipment

    Category 4: Fleet and Accident Management Services (12 Suppliers)

    Fleet management services, including but not limited to, fleet procurement, fleet funding, contract hire (with/without maintenance), grey fleet management, fleet software management, fleet insurance, rental, fuel cards, driver training, license checking, remarketing/disposal, maintenance management, and safety/risk management.

    Accident management services including but not limited to, first notification of loss, client own damage claims, third-party intervention, third-party claims management, loss recovery, downtime management, uninsured loss recovery, access to national repair network, and online portal/systems for customers.

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Template master hire agreement supporting all call-offs
    • 17 market-leading Suppliers
    • Compliant PCR2015 Framework and Dynamic Purchasing Systems to meet your legal requirements
    • Leading suppliers who have been appointed to the framework for their professional capability, experience and competitiveness
    • Easy access to quotations through mini-competitions
    • Mini-competitions managed and delivered free of charge by TPPL via the Delta e-Sourcing portal
    • Flexibility to add suppliers throughout the 5 year term
  • This comprehensive DPS is available to Local Authorities and the wider public/not-for-profit sector including:

    • NHS Trusts
    • Police Authorities
    • Fire Authorities
    • Leisure Trusts
    • Registered Social Landlords
    • Registered Charities
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
    • All current and future members can access this framework.
  • The DPS provides access to 16 suppliers

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