Achieving significant cost savings for Cottsway Housing

11 May 2021

Dynamic Purchasing System

Cottsway Housing provide homes for over 10,000 customers via rent and shared ownership, with a repairs and maintenance workforce of over 40 people. Cottsway have a substantial ongoing requirement for building materials to support repairs to their housing stock of over 5,000 properties – amounting to £1.5 Million per annum. They had an existing contract in place with a sole supplier that was ending in Summer 2020. To support the procurement of a new contract, Cottsway were looking for a flexible Framework solution to deliver a balance between premium service and competitive fees.

After considering other frameworks, Head of Property Services, David Baddeley, decided that TPPL’s Dynamic Purchasing System was the one to go for because of the highly competitive fee, demonstrable market knowledge, comprehensive support and the involvement of leading suppliers. In addition, David had previously worked with TPPL on the vehicles side and had received excellent support, which served well in his decision-making process.

TPPL’s Phil Williams, who specialises in building materials procurement, was brought on board to provide his market knowledge and guidance. Cottsway Housing received a full package of advice and support, with Phil assisting Cottsway through every step of the procurement process. The agreed project targets were achieved and timescales met, despite of the Covid lockdown disruption.

Cottsway were pleased at the savings achieved through TPPL’s Dynamic Purchasing System, and found Phil’s style of communication very transparent. In particular, Cottsway were impressed with how Phil took account of their views and fully understood what they were looking for. They were not pushed down a certain route and the solution was fully tailored to suit their needs.

As a result of the support received by TPPL, Cottsway Housing are now successfully up and running with the new contract and look forward to continued working with TPPL.

Key successes:

  • Providing specialist market knowledge and guidance
  • Achieving significant cost savings through TPPLs Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Enabling access to leading suppliers and building materials
  • Delivering fully transparent communication throughout
  • Meeting project targets and timescales despite Covid-19.


To find out more about TPPL’s framework procurement solutions, contact a member of our team via or call 01954 250517.