Take advantage of our free membership scheme to improve the efficiency of your organisation

TPPL membership is available to Local Authorities and the wider public sector free of charge, and joining is easy. Once registered, you will have access to all of our procurement solutions, including a broad range of comprehensive framework agreements and consultancy services.

As a TPPL member you will receive:

  • Free membership
  • No obligations to use our solutions
  • Compliance with PCR2015 regulations
  • The very best value for money with preferential discount terms
  • Wide range of fleet products ranging from cars to heavy goods vehicles, grounds maintenance equipment, plant machinery and handheld tools.
  • Building materials and related services, including modular residential and commercial accommodation.
  • Ongoing support from your appointed Business Development Manager throughout your procurement
  • Easy access to quotations through mini competitions

Who joins TPPL?

  • UK Local Authorities
  • Registered Providers of Social Housing
  • NHS Trusts
  • Education Organisations
  • Fire Authorities
  • Town and Parish Council
  • Charities
  • Leisure Trusts

It’s easy to join, click on the button below to complete our membership request form. We’ll respond to your request for membership within 2 working days. Start saving time and money today!