Managing complex vehicle requirements to deliver a compliant route to market

11 May 2021

Clarion Housing Group comprises of the country’s largest housing association, Clarion Housing, with 125,000 homes nationwide, part of the group is Clarion Response which is the repair and maintenance arm of the Group. The services provided by Clarion Response have grown significantly in recent years and with it a large variety of complex vehicle procurement requirements.

Having looked at other framework providers, TPPL’s was selected because it offered greater flexibility, additional support and technical knowledge to assist Clarion to create and deliver their vision.  In addition, TPPL’s frameworks offered Clarion Response a transparent and compliant route to market that met all of their requirements. TPPL’s Jim Brennan has a wealth of knowledge in the vehicle sector and provided technical guidance and recommendations during the procurement process.

TPPL worked with Clarion Response to carry out a complete fleet review with the aim of delivering major cost savings and key operational improvements. The areas looked at were suitable and affordable manufacturer vehicles, dealer supply and back up, vehicle conversions and leasing providers. TPPL carried out individual tenders for each of the elements as part of the fleet review which established the right mix of value for money and operational effectiveness for the business going forward.

Having completed the review and renewed their fleet to be fit for purpose, they drove down costs and were able to meet the challenging environment all social housing providers will be faced with over the coming years.

Key successes:

  • Flexible yet compliant route to market
  • Wealth of knowledge and technical guidance received
  • Complex fleet review delivered major cost savings
  • Transparency on each stage of the procurement process
  • Dramatic improvement in operational effectiveness.


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