Driving down costs and implementing operational efficiencies through a successful re-tendering strategy

11 May 2021

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Vivid Homes is one of the one of the largest providers of affordable homes and housing-related services in the south of England. Having expanded in 2016, they had a requirement to double their fleet size with a higher level of efficiency, whilst ensuring full compliance was met and maximising cost control.  They engaged TPPL to assess every aspect of their combined fleet and deliver a re-tendering strategy to meet their objectives.

TPPL’s Jim Brennan drove forward the fleet review process, providing his in-depth industry knowledge and fleet expertise, whilst ensuring that Vivid Homes remained in complete control throughout the process.

Essential components of the fleet review were the vehicle manufacturer, the fit-out and conversion supplier, telematics and the Leasing/Fleet management company.

Key aspects of the process supported by TPPL included:

  • Access to strong potential suppliers at discounted rates via TPPL’s frameworks
  • Implementation of selected suppliers and scoring systems
  • Organisation of pre-tender discussions
  • Associated technical documentation support
  • Formal meeting support to ensure expectations/requirements were interpreted correctly
  • Arrangement of suitable demonstrator vehicles.

As a result of TPPL’s support, Vivid Homes in conjunction with TPPL ran full mini competitions on all the separate elements of the process enabling Vivid Homes to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies. These savings lead to Vivid Homes placing an order for 315 vans, with an additional 35 the following year and subsequently a further twenty to-date. Huge amounts of time were saved through the high level of efficiency delivered that would otherwise have resulted in wasted effort in the wrong directions. Furthermore, Vivid Homes were able to achieve their overall cost savings by retaining their current manufacturer with much better pricing. Simultaneously, they managed to introduce some additional features in the vehicles to help drivers and achieve better engagement.

During the ordering and delivery process Vivid experienced problems with one or two suppliers and TPPL stepped in to sort these out and ensure the process carried on to achieve Vivid’s objectives.

Key successes:

  • Considerable time saved through the high level of efficiency
  • Technical support and knowledge always available
  • Cost savings achieved by retaining current manufacturer at better pricing
  • Additional features introduced within budget
  • Obstacles efficiently managed by TTPL throughout the process.


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