Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Framework

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Delivering public sector organisations with a comprehensive range of charging solutions to supplement the deployment of your electric vehicles, from leading providers of EV infrastructure across the UK. We have solutions providing the delivery, supply, installation and ongoing support and maintenance of charging infrastructure, goods and services.

    • Agreement Reference  TPPLHCCOP03
    • Start Date April 2023
    • End Date April 2027
    • Number of suppliers 10
    • Contract Notice 2022/S 000-035736
    • Award Notice 2023/S 000-009869
  • Lot 8: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (10 suppliers)

    Supply of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including charging infrastructure for any vehicle and body type required. Contracts may include site surveys, installation, ongoing support/maintenance (of the charging points and associated equipment), site safety works (e.g. markings, signage, equipment), technical consultancy/guidance, dynamic load management, provision of emergency back-up solutions, back-office software, and behind the meter production and storage options. EV charging infrastructure may be provided by suppliers on a ‘fully managed’ basis, i.e. the supplier provides the necessary infrastructure on a full turnkey basis..

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    • 10 market-leading Suppliers
    • Compliant PCR2015 Framework and Dynamic Purchasing Systems to meet your legal requirements
    • Leading suppliers who have been appointed to the framework for their professional capability, experience and competitiveness
    • New lot that supports Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
    • Pre-established terms and conditions to support all orders
    • Easy access to quotations through mini competitions and direct award
    • Mini-competitions managed and delivered free of charge by TPPL via the Delta e-Sourcing portal
    • Low and zero emission vehicle focus to help you reduce carbon footprint
  • This comprehensive Framework is available to Local Authorities and the wider public/not-for-profit sector including:

    • NHS Trusts
    • Police Authorities
    • Fire Authorities
    • Leisure Trusts
    • Registered Social Landlords
    • Registered Charities
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    All current and future members can access this framework.

  • This Framework provides access to 10 suppliers

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