Meeting electric vehicle procurement goals through technical knowledge and expertise

19 April 2021

Oxfordshire County Council has very specific and ad hoc vehicle requirements to facilitate a wide range of services delivered. Having been one of TPPL’s members since 2012, they have been supplied with a wide range of cars, vans, medium commercials buses and HGV’s. Currently, TPPL run tenders on their behalf; help with the evaluations and liaise with successful suppliers, in addition to dealing with any problems or issues they may have.

In 2019, the Council purchased twenty-six converted welfare minibuses which were delivered through TPPL’s NEPO Framework. The procurement was achieved through a compliant, quick and efficient route to market with healthy competition and competitive pricing.  According to Oxfordshire County Council, TPPL provided a very competitive result which they wouldn’t have been able to achieve elsewhere. In fact, the relative price difference of the winning bid from the same type of exercise held back in 2013, delivered a difference in price far less than 6 years of inflation.

In addition, the efficient service of TPPL was supported by their in-depth knowledge of the vehicle sector, offering recommendations on the best options throughout the procurement lifecycle.  This was demonstrated by the high degree of flexibility of the award so that they were able to split the final result to ensure that the Council achieved its Electric Vehicle procurement aims.

Key successes:

  • Compliant, quick and efficient route to market
  • Healthy competition
  • Competitive pricing
  • Price delivered was far less than 6 years of inflation
  • Valuable recommendations received throughout the procurement lifecycle.


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