Delivering single-step access to quality building materials at competitive costs

19 April 2021

South Holland Council own and manage over 4,000 social housing homes in the UK and have a significant maintenance and repairs team to support their requirements. As a result, their need to get quick and easy access to a full range of quality building materials on an ongoing basis is particularly high. In addition, they have high targets around maximising cost control and complying with procurement regulations.

The Council had previously engaged with TPPL’s Phil Williams for his inside knowledge into building materials procurement; a service built on reputation that they were unable to find elsewhere. They gained the reassurance they needed that their needs would be taken care of every step of the way throughout the procurement process, and guidance would be received on niche specifications. When looking to go to market for the procurement of electrical materials, TPPL was the first organisation that the Council went to for advice.

A five-year contract, using TPPL’s Dynamic Purchasing System is due to commence in February 2021. The Council have been delighted by their quick and easy access to a high quality range of suppliers at competitive costs. The process has been extremely straight forward and light-touch, supported by compliance-led template documentation that has allowed a speedy turn around.

According to Martin Gibbs, Procurement and Contracts Officer at South Holland Council:

‘Significant cost savings have been achieved through the package of advice and support received from Phil Williams. Not only on building and electrical materials, but around the compliance and regulation documentation such as terms and conditions that we haven’t needed to get approved by costly independent legal advisors’.

Key successes:

  • Quick and easy access to high quality building materials
  • Light touch approach
  • Comprehensive guidance on niche specifications
  • Competitive costs on materials
  • Compliance-led documentation removing need for legal advice.


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