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The Procurement Partnership Limited (TPPL) has completed an PCR2015 compliant tender on behalf and in conjunction with The Highland Council (THC) to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Hydrogen generation and infrastructure. The DPS provides contracting authorities in the United Kingdom with access to a range of market leading suppliers for Hydrogen generation and infrastructure, in addition to ongoing supply of Hydrogen for the purpose of vehicle fuelling. The DPS is also scoped to include supply of Hydrogen for domestic and commercial services, in addition to Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure and the recycling and repurposing of Electric Vehicle batteries.

    • Agreement Reference: TPPLTHCHR01
    • Start Date: 09th October 2021
    • End Date: 08th October 2026
    • Number of suppliers: 44
    • Contract Notice: 2021/S 000-022276
  • Category 1: Hydrogen generation and fuelling infrastructure (23 Suppliers)

    Hydrogen generation and fuelling infrastructure (both permanent and temporary) to include but not limited to; complete mobile refuelling vehicles and conversion to existing chassis, mini hydrogen dispensers, emergency back-up solutions, hydrogen generation, self-contained hydrogen refuelling units, on-site stored hydrogen containers with and without compressors to regenerate hydrogen supply and facilities to utilise hydrogen production by-products, hydrogen refuelling stations, and hydrogen production plants including regional hydrogen hubs. Infrastructure may be provided by suppliers on a ‘fully managed’ basis, i.e. the supplier provides the necessary infrastructure, production, storage, delivery, and supply on a full turnkey basis.

    Category 2: Supply of Hydrogen (for vehicle fuelling) (15 Suppliers)

    Ongoing supply of Hydrogen to include but not limited to; Grey, Blue, and Green hydrogen, and also hydrogen produced from nuclear (Pink) sources. Hydrogen may be supplied using mobile refuelling vehicles, refilling of on-site stored hydrogen containers, and charged supply of hydrogen to the end buying customer as a method of recovering the cost invested in the infrastructure.

    Category 3: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure (25 Suppliers)

    Electric vehicle charging infrastructure for specialist and heavy goods vehicles, this may also include charging infrastructure for any other vehicle and body type required. Contracts may include site surveys, installation, ongoing support/maintenance (of the charging points and associated equipment), site safety works (e.g. markings, signage, equipment), technical consultancy/guidance, dynamic load management, provision of emergency back-up solutions, and behind the meter production and storage options. EV charging infrastructure may be provided by suppliers on a ‘fully managed’ basis, i.e. the supplier provides the necessary infrastructure on a full turnkey basis.

    Category 4: Recycling and repurposing of electric vehicle batteries (2 Suppliers)

    Recycling, and/or repurposing of electric vehicle batteries to include (but not limited to) all sizes and types of electric vehicle batteries. Recycling to include the disposal, disassembly, and recycling of precious metals, and other elements. Repurposing of batteries, to include any necessary refurbishment, for use in a variety of applications. Examples include energy storage (both domestic and commercial), mobile power units, storage to store energy at renewable production facilities (e.g. solar arrays), and emergency power storage (e.g. for use after natural disasters)

    Category 5: Supply of Hydrogen (for domestic and commercial purposes) (10 Suppliers)

    Ongoing supply of hydrogen to include but not limited to; Grey, Blue, and Green hydrogen, hydrogen produced from nuclear (Pink) sources, and hydrogen blended with natural gas. Hydrogen may be supplied into a closed/private network or grid, by using mobile refuelling vehicles, refilling of on-site stored hydrogen containers, and by any other means appropriate. Category may also include supply and installation of necessary infrastructure required to facilitate the supply of hydrogen to the network/grid.

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Pre-agreed terms & conditions supporting call-offs
    • 44 market-leading Suppliers
    • Compliant PCR2015 Framework and Dynamic Purchasing Systems to meet your legal requirements
    • Leading suppliers who have been appointed to the framework for their professional capability, experience and competitiveness
    • Easy access to quotations through mini-competitions
    • Mini-competitions managed and delivered free of charge by TPPL via the Delta e-Sourcing portal
    • Flexibility to add suppliers throughout the 5 year term
  • This comprehensive DPS is available to Local Authorities and the wider public/not-for-profit sector including:

    • NHS Trusts
    • Police Authorities
    • Fire Authorities
    • Leisure Trusts
    • Registered Social Landlords
    • Registered Charities
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities
    • Government departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
    • All current and future members can access this framework.
  • The DPS provides access to 44 suppliers

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Simon Partridge, Norwich City Council

Simon Partridge, Norwich City Council

“At a time of global supply shortages, thanks to the information, guidance, and assistance from Peter and his team at TPPL, we were ready, on day one, with the vehicles we needed to deliver our building maintenance service.”
Simon Partridge Norwich City Council
Paul Rodden, Highlands and Islands Airports

Paul Rodden, Highlands and Islands Airports

“The procurement process ran smoothly throughout, and we were able to replace the existing vehicles and equipment with minimum disruption.”
Paul Rodden Highland and Islands Airports
Simon Phillips, Tai Calon

Simon Phillips, Tai Calon

“Peter from TPPL has been excellent to work with from the start of the process.  TPPL clearly explained how the process would work and the companies we would potentially be working with.  When the bids were submitted to us by TPPL they were laid out in a way we could easily understand what was being … Continued
Simon Phillips Tai Calon
Chris Demetriou, Islington

Chris Demetriou, Islington

“Working with TPPL has been a brilliant experience, everyone at TPPL is efficient, professional and most importantly prompt in responding and communicating. In particular working with Peter Vickers has been a breath of fresh air and a brilliant experience, Peter is always very responsive, honest and transparent in his communications and there is no question … Continued
Chris Demetriou Islington Council
Nigel Leighton

Nigel Leighton

‘Sovereign have worked with TPPL on a number of tenders over the years, including fleet and building materials, and have had excellent support, advice and communications from all the TPPL team.he values that TPPL put at the core of their operation align with Sovereign’s and have throughout made working with them both enjoyable and ensured … Continued
Nigel Leighton Sovereign Housing Association
Bernard McGreevy

Bernard McGreevy

‘I can state that TPPL enabled the procurement of 11 welfare minibuses as required in a professional manner and in the required time scale as well as being on a cost benefit basis’
Bernard McGreevy London Borough of Barnet
Rod Willis

Rod Willis

‘As a local authority, we needed to procure welfare buses through a framework agreement. After contact we decided to use BNES welfare bus framework offered by TPPL. We found Jim Brennan and his team very helpful and the framework easy to use. The performance and professionalism from TPPL was 100% and we would recommend them … Continued
Rod Willis London Borough of Hounslow
John Mellor

John Mellor

‘Firstly may I say thank you for your assistance in this process. I have found it to be very efficient and well managed’
John Mellor Norse Commercial Services
Gary White

Gary White

‘North Yorkshire County Council has now been utilising the services of TPPL for three years. In which time we have both purchased and contract hired many vehicles including welfare buses. The benefits of using their services have been many; we have seen major savings in all elements of our procurement processes, time, costs and environmental … Continued
Gary White North Yorkshire County Council
Bev Thomas

Bev Thomas

‘TPPL provided exceptional advice and support to the Council on a 1:1 basis, through excellent industry knowledge and experience; which enabled the best opportunities through the framework to be identified for the Council’s requirements.’
Bev Thomas Harlow District Council
Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler

‘We have undertaken a number of mini tenders via TPPL in recent years. We have found the team supportive in pulling the tender together and excellent at supporting us through the process. The combination of the effective frameworks and support minimises the procurement workload for us as well as achieving what we consider to be … Continued
Chris Wheeler Guildford Borough Council
Carol Bishop

Carol Bishop

‘Once we had decided on our final specification it was such a simple process to use The Framework. The support from TPPL was excellent; the whole process was streamlined and efficient. The overall cost of the vehicles represented excellent value for money. This was the most straightforward tender process I have even been involved with’
Carol Bishop Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

‘TPPL provide a very user friendly, helpful and efficient service in the procurement of many of our vehicles. They offer specialist knowledge and advice and have secured some very competitive outcomes for us.’
Howard Hughes Watford Borough Council
Carl Nicholson

Carl Nicholson

‘The Team at TPPL helped the west of England council (Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, and South Gloucester) run a further competition for a share of 100 electric Vehicles as part of a combined effort to convert 25% of the councils’ collective fleet to EV’s by 2020. The support and expertise given … Continued
Carl Nicholson North Somerset Council