TPPL update

23 April 2020

We hope you’re keeping well and coping with the inevitable pressures placed on Local Authorities and public sector organisations at this time.

Ordinarily right now, we would be distributing our quarterly newsletter to members, providing updates on what’s been happening at TPPL the past 3 months, and what developments the team is currently working on for members. Whilst it’s important we deliver this information to members, we believe deferring distribution is the best cause of action during this extended period of “lockdown”.

Encouragement can be taken from information leaking out of the industry reporting multiple car and commercial motor manufacturers are to recommence manufacturing on the continent from this week. Understandably the safety conditions implemented in factories to protect staff, will result in much lower capacity for the short term, one manufacturer has been quoted stating 20% of normal production capacity will be achieved for the first 4-6 weeks of production.

Should members require equipment to assist with disinfecting public areas, we have been made aware of the following products available from suppliers appointed to our solutions:

The Eco City Sanitiser From Trafalgar Street Cleaning Equipment

Detergent Injection Retrofit Kits from Scarab Sweepers

Please contact for information regarding any historic, current, or future tender activity members may have questions about. Our staff are in regular dialogue with suppliers appointed to our solutions, assessing their current operational circumstances and ability to deal with tenders during this time.