New National Grounds Maintenance, Plant Machinery and handheld tools framework

13 September 2022

The Procurement Partnership (TPPL) has launched its new National Grounds Maintenance, Plant Machinery and handheld tools framework agreement, in partnership with The North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO). The framework, named NEPO214, is available to existing TPPL and NEPO members, and the wider public sector in the United Kingdom, with immediate effect.

The scope has been broadened from the preceding TPPL & NEPO framework to include hire of equipment with or without operators. 61 bidders have been appointed providing organisations with better National coverage, from a more diverse range of suppliers. The framework replaces its’ predecessor which was widely used by Local Authorities and the wider public sector within the United Kingdom.

Members are provided with access to a number of tools to assist them with running fast and efficient direct awards and further competitions under the framework, including a rate book under lot 4 for the hire of equipment.

The framework comprises: 

Lot 1:        Purchase of grounds maintenance equipment

Lot 2:        Purchase of plant equipment

Lot 3:        Purchase of handheld tools

Lot 4:        Hire of grounds maintenance equipment, plant machinery, tools, and other

                  equipment* (with and without operator)

*Hire of all categories and types of equipment offered under lots 1 to 3, with additional tools/equipment such as access towers, cement mixers, tile saws, dehumidifiers, heaters, lighting, and other equipment that may be required on hire by members, such as welfare/site cabins, traffic management. Certain Grounds and Plant equipment may be hired on a with or without operator basis. Hire may be on a short or long-term basis.

Managing Director of TPPL, James Brennan, commented; ‘we are delighted to provide public sector organisations with this new national framework agreement, giving them access to a wide range of suppliers throughout the UK. TPPL openly promote enhancing competition, and efficiency, during public sector procurement processes, and this new framework will give buyers an excellent choice to achieve this’.

For further information contact or view the following framework page HERE