New Framework: HGV & Specialist Vehicles Acquisition

15 December 2020

In partnership with NEPO, we are set to launch a new Framework Agreement that gives all UK public bodies a compliant route to market for the acquisition of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) and specialist vehicles. The new solution builds on the success on the previous iteration which was used by UK public sector bodies.

The NEPO224 HGV & Specialist Vehicles Acquisition is a multi-supplier framework agreement giving options for purchase or contract hire. The solution also offers public sector organisations the opportunity to convert existing petrol or diesel vehicles to electric or hydrogen drivetrain technology.

James Brennan, Managing Director at TPPL said:

“The TPPL and NEPO HGV & Specialist Vehicles framework is the latest in a series of market-leading procurement solutions delivered in partnership with NEPO. TPPL is on hand to assist public sector organisations with their fleet requirements, from pre-tender through to acquisition, providing an efficient and compliant route to market. The inclusion of a lot specifically scoped for electric and hydrogen fuel cell conversions provides the public sector with a unique solution geared towards helping local authorities meet their net zero carbon targets”

Keith Lamb, Fleet Category Specialist at NEPO added:

“We are delighted to continue to work with TPPL on the renewal and development of this very important framework agreement which has proven to be very popular. As part of the frameworks progression, NEPO supported the work TPPL had done through consultation with public sector colleagues and industry experts, to identify demand for the use of specialist convertor suppliers to retrofit electric and hydrogen fleet technology. In response, NEPO and TPPL have included a lot for electric or hydrogen drivetrain conversions, enabling public sector bodies to harness this technology across existing fleet stock.”

NEPO224 HGV & Specialist Vehicles Acquisition comprises five lots:
Lot 1: OEM chassis 12.5ft – 44t including spare parts and maintenance contracts
Lot 2: Vehicle conversions up to 44t including spare parts and maintenance contracts
Lot 3: Contract hire of heavy goods vehicles, 12.5t and above
Lot 4: Contract hire of buses, 5-75 seats
Lot 5: Electric or hydrogen drivetrain conversions for pre-existing and glider chassis
The solution offers public sector buyers the following benefits:
Choice and value for money offered by the 58 suppliers awarded to the Framework
Quick route to market
Supports the government’s Road to Zero strategy through the adoption of new engine conversion technologies
Advice and guidance provided by TPPL before and during the tender process
The framework can be accessed by way of direct award or mini competition based on requirements and preferences.

Commencing 4 January 2021, the new Framework is available to the wider public sector via TPPL and NEPO’s  free of charge membership schemes.

If you would like to receive further information around this framework, please email