Euromec to offer TPPL members with 20% discount on NEW electric LitterHog range

23 August 2021

Euromec are offering TPPL members with 20% discount on the all-electric LitterHog range when purchasing through the Hertfordshire County Council Purchase Framework.

This new range offers advanced cleaning which is quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly – the future of street cleaning has arrived!

Specially designed to clean urban areas with minimal impact on the environment, each LitterHog machine is compact and easy to manoeuvre – the highly efficient electric motors supply quiet and powerful performance, providing at least eight hours and up to 16 hours of working time between charges.

LitterHog range – key benefits:        

  • Economical price option for electric litter collection and meeting emission and environmental targets
  • Large wheels and powerful traction drive
  • Silent operation for use in residential areas or areas where noise level should be minimal, i.e schools, hospitals etc.
  • Thanks to its completely electric operation, which does not generate any noise or emit any exhaust gas, LitterHog is included among the Green Purchases or GPP (Green Public Procurement), because of its low environmental impact.
  • DRS system (Dirt Recognition System) warns you when to empty the collection bin once it reaches its maximum capacity – Litter Hog Pro Only
  • LitterHog Pro has a double liquid misting system. With the spray on the suction hose you can put out the cigarette butts before sucking them, avoiding combustion inside the bin. You can also sanitize the ground. The spray nozzle inside the bin reduces dust and deodorizes
  • LitterHog Pro can climb up or down sidewalks of 20cm height in total safety, and overcome slopes greater than 20% grade.
  • The mechanical action of the central brush means waste is collected inside the bin, while the powerful filtering system absorbs and retains PM10 fine dust, sending clean air into the environment. – LitterHog Sweep only
  • The suction hose allows you to remove dirt from tight corners and spaces that cannot be reached by brushes, such as between bicycle racks or in flower beds.

Find out more information on the product range here, then to take advantage of this 20% discount offer, please call Euromec on 01858 434011 referencing TPPL20.