WLTP Announcement

11 May 2018

Dear Member,

As you are aware due to the introduction of WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) manufacturers are having to discontinue certain engine derivatives across their ranges and there is uncertainty around the CO2 figures for engine’s that are continuing in production.

Until this new testing procedure has been completed across all manufacturers and their model ranges it is creating a problem for leasing companies in providing quotes that are accurate for CO2, VED, BIK as well as an uncertainty around vehicle availability.

The result of this is where quotations are  provided via My Quote portal we cannot give any guarantee as to the availability of the vehicle quoted, also accuracy of the rental is in question as the CO2 may be different when the vehicle is registered so the VED band may change (indications are that the vast majority of CO2 values will increase under the new testing procedure) so the rental will change to reflect the difference in VED cost.

The position that we find ourselves in is not ideal and will, I’m sure, continue to cause issues over the short term. Please ensure that before placing orders based on Quotations off the portal check with the successful quotation supplier to ensure that they will accept the quotation. Following this procedure should ensure that there are no problems when placing your order.

Many Thanks

Jim Brennan