TPPL’s HCC Framework enables Islington to welcome first fully electric cage tippers

23 July 2021

In support of Islington Council’s mission to fully electrify their fleet of vehicles, we are pleased to announce that this week, they have taken delivery of fully electric 7.5 tonne cage tippers via our vehicle purchase framework agreement.

A total of six cage tipper vehicles, which feature an Isuzu chassis and Paneltex bodies, will be used in the borough, with two having arrived recently and a further four set to arrive later this month. The vehicles produce no exhaust emissions, ensuring that local people have cleaner, healthier air to breathe. By the time all six vehicles arrive, 11% of the council’s nearly 500-strong fleet will be electric.

According to Islington Council, ‘each vehicle saves approximately 2,300 litres of diesel per year. This equates to an annual reduction of approximately 8 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 1.6 tonnes of the toxic air pollutant nitrogen dioxide. They also save more than £2,300 in fuel costs, and maintenance costs are also lower due to the vehicles needing no oils or filter changes’

James Brennan, TPPL Director commented:

“We are proud to support the ongoing electrification of fleet through our range of public sector procurement Framework Agreements. Big steps are being taken  to tackle air pollution and create a cleaner future for everyone’.

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