TPPL launches new Hydrogen generation and fuelling Infrastructure DPS

1 November 2021

We are excited to announce that The Highland Council and The Procurement Partnership Ltd have launched a new Hydrogen generation and fuelling Infrastructure Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), available to all councils and the wider public sector across the UK. As TPPL and Highland Council unite in delivering a procurement solution that supports a more sustainable future, the new DPS will play a leading role in the green hydrogen revolution.

For the very first time, nation-wide public bodies will receive a quick solution to compliantly procure hydrogen infrastructure, in addition to the ongoing supply of hydrogen as a zero-carbon fuel.

The contract is scoped to include electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the recycling/repurposing of Electric Vehicle Batteries. Furthermore, it is set to support commercial and residential properties, including hydrogen supplied into a closed/private network grid.

The Hydrogen generation and fuelling infrastructure category is scoped to cover a comprehensive range of both permanent and temporary solutions including:

  • Complete mobile refuelling vehicles and conversion to existing chassis
  • Mini hydrogen dispensers
  • Emergency back-up solutions
  • Hydrogen generation self-contained hydrogen refuelling units
  • On-site stored hydrogen containers with and without compressors to regenerate hydrogen supply and facilities to utilise hydrogen production by-products
  • Hydrogen refuelling stations, and hydrogen production plants – including regional hydrogen hubs
  • Infrastructure may be provided by suppliers on a ‘fully managed’ turnkey basis.

Cllr Trish Robertson, Chair of the Council’s Economy & Infrastructure and the Climate Change Working Group, said: “Interest in hydrogen is increasing day by day, and the potential it offers to decarbonise many public sector operations is huge.  The Highland Council is delighted to be working with The Procurement Partnership to deliver a solution which will make this transition much easier for public sector partners across the country.”

James Brennan, TPPL Director commented:

‘This new national hydrogen procurement solution forms part of TPPL’s wider focus on helping public sector bodies increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their air handling processes, enabling them to make sustainable improvements in their environmental impact’

25 key suppliers have been appointed to the DPS who are at the forefront of the hydrogen infrastructure and supply sector. However, as a Dynamic Purchasing System, additional suppliers will be able to participate throughout the duration of the 5-year contract.

The Hydrogen generation and fuelling DPS comprises the following categories:

  • Category 1: Hydrogen generation and fuelling infrastructure – 14 suppliers
  • Category 2: Supply of Hydrogen (for vehicle fuelling) – 7 suppliers
  • Category 3: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure – 11 suppliers
  • Category 4: Recycling and repurposing of electric vehicle batteries – 1 supplier
  • Category 5: Supply of Hydrogen (for domestic and commercial purposes) – 7 suppliers

Find out more about the Hydrogen generation and Fuelling DPS