Innovative new hydrogen generation and fuelling DPS launched

8 September 2021

The Highland Council and The Procurement Partnership Ltd (TPPL) have launched a new Hydrogen generation and fuelling Dynamic Purchasing System, helping councils across the UK to decarbonise transport.

The new Hydrogen generation and fuelling Dynamic Purchasing System will provide a quick, compliant and simple solution to procuring the latest low carbon hydrogen infrastructure, supporting the government’s plan to create a cleaner, greener energy system.

This marks an exciting new partnership between TPPL and the Highland Council and is the first hydrogen DPS of its kind available for the public sector. With the interest in hydrogen as a clean fuel for transport attracting strong interest up and down the UK, a number of councils are already taking action.

The Hydrogen generation and fuelling DPS comprises the following categories:

Category 1: Hydrogen generation and fuelling infrastructure 

Category 2: Supply of Hydrogen (for vehicle fuelling) 

Category 3: Electric vehicle charging infrastructure 

Category 4: Recycling and repurposing of electric vehicle batteries

Category 5: Supply of Hydrogen (for domestic and commercial purposes)

The Highland Council, TPPL, and other Contracting Authorities from across the UK recognise the move towards zero emission vehicles is accelerating due to the Government’s net zero carbon strategy. Hydrogen as a fuel is increasingly recognised as a key part of achieving a low carbon economy and a flexible but compliant procurement solution is critical in helping the public sector to quickly and easily access this developing sector.

To find out more about this new solution please email If you’re a supplier interested in applying, details can be found here: