Bringing building materials expertise and our Dynamic Purchasing System together

26 June 2020

TPPL’s building materials market knowledge, combined with our Dynamic Purchasing System offers you a quick go-to solution for the best possible prices whilst ticking the necessary boxes for compliance, social value and expertise. The DPS can work around the contract you require; ranging from a long-term multi-year arrangement like a managed store, or a shorter fixed basket/range to support a particular project or category.

Here are key ways that TPPL can assist you:

  • Access to decades of category specific knowledge, experience and expertise in fleet, materials and public sector procurement.  Fleet and materials are two of the largest critical spend areas for housing providers with in- house contractors/maintenance teams (often known as a direct labour organisation “DLO”).
  • Market knowledge, including inside track on how builders’ merchants are innovating, with van-stock apps and remote non-staffed ‘pop-up’ stores
  • Guidance and support on making the right decisions relating to specifications/service levels, including how to approach the market; what the procurement process should look like for your organisation and a ‘best fit’ approach rather than just a one-size fits all ethos.
  • Pre-tendered framework and DPS solutions that provide compliance with public sector procurement rules (Public Contracts Regulations 2015) whilst having a commercial edge, i.e. value for money.
  • Access to leading suppliers both nationally and regionally – particularly with materials where there is flexibility to add more suppliers (including local SMEs) to the DPS.
  • A database of over 25,000 market rates for commonly purchased building materials, allowing insight into how pricing compares to peers and opportunities for cost reduction
  • Social value from activity completed, including engaging with local/regional supply-chains, through to training, apprenticeships and social value funds for investment in local projects.
  • Achieving carbon zero: Our DPS suppliers can provide a wide range of products and services. From ground source heat pumps, solar panels through to electric vehicle charging points and refurbished modular build units we can help source what our members need to achieve carbon zero.
  • Further competitions conducted using a leading tender portal, providing a secure, transparent and fully auditable solution
  • Support and advice throughout the evaluation process, we can decipher the trade jargon for you.

Read our NEPO219 Building Materials Guidance on conducting Further Competitions by clicking on the image below.