Phil Williams

Director of Procurement

Phil joined TPPL in January 2015 with a brief of developing the range of Procurement solutions and Services TPPL offer to our members. Phil was promoted to the Executive Management team in August 2020 ahead of being appointed a member of the board in June 2021.

Phil has a purchasing background in blue chip companies, having held responsibility for the procurement of fast moving consumer goods for retailers and manufacturers. Since 2003 Phil has worked in and with the public sector. Phil’s procurement experience has been diverse, with clients ranging from Local Authorities through to Registered Providers and the contractors and suppliers that service the public sector. Phil is the lead consultant of our successful Building Materials procurement solution, and is responsible for leading all Procurement consultancy services provided for members, along with developing the strategy and approach to TPPL’s portfolio of available procurement solutions.

Phil develops and delivers the procurement strategy supported by a team of individuals who make up the internal tender support team within the Business.

1. What are your interests?
Motorbikes and running, but obviously not at the same time.
2. What is your favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere warm.
3. What are your favourite foods?
Anything pastry based.
4. What are your favourite drinks?
Depends on the occasion!