Additional minibus services

The Procurement Partnership is able to offer the following additional services in relation to your minibus acquisition.

  • Sign writing – We strongly believe that your new minibus is a great way to advertise and promote your organisation or school creating awareness wherever you travel. We have access to several sign writing companies who have vast experience in producing and applying aesthetically pleasing designs to promote your organisation and “fly the flag” in the field and on the road.
  • Customise your minibus – With a host of manufacturer factory fitted options along with dealer fitted options/accessories available, we can tailor your minibus to your organisations exact individual requirements. From digital tachographs and speed limiters to durable seat covers and reversing sensors/bleepers we can have your unique minibus requirements met.
  • Maintaining your minibus – We can advise on the maintenance requirements of your minibus along with information on safety inspection requirements. We are also able to supply full maintenance/servicing/breakdown recovery packages for your minibus on our contract hire agreements.
  • Procurement advice – As vehicle procurement specialists in the public sector market we are able to offer impartial advice and guidance in relation to your minibus acquisition and whether your organisation needs to tender or call off on a framework agreement for your purchase/contract hire. If the minibus acquisition is seen as a one off none-recurring purchase we can supply the vehicle on either outright purchase or contract hire by offering the pricing of between 3-5 manufacturers and contract hire companies to ensure we are obtaining the most competitive price available for you in the market place.
  • Wheelchair accessible converted minibuses – Through our various supplier networks we have access to the country’s leading wheelchair accessible minibus convertors who can tailor minibuses to your organisations exact requirements. These can be from OEM minibuses converted to suit your needs up to base window vans fully converted and out fitted with re-enforced flooring, a host of seating configurations and wheelchair access/ fixings for transport. In addition our convertors also supply and fit a varying range of lifting equipment and ramps to aid loading wheelchair using passengers onto the minibuses. We are confident that whatever your requirement is, we can fulfil it as a one stop-shop for minibuses and contract hire/purchasing. All vehicles converted come with full type approval.