Request a Demonstration

The Procurement Partnership in conjunction with our manufacturing partners is able to offer and obtain demonstration vehicles for any of our members on most of the models available within our manufacturer’s product portfolios. Most standard demonstration vehicle models can be obtained in a fairly short space of time from request and can be delivered/collected directly into your company. The vehicles will need to be covered by your fleet insurance policy and you will be bound by the relevant manufacturer’s demonstrator programme terms and conditions. We feel this is a valuable service offered to our members allowing vehicles to be tried prior to purchase so they can be checked for suitability. For information on how to book a vehicle from any of our manufacturing partners (*excluding Vauxhall) or indeed to make a booking please contact head office on 01954 250517.

*We have a dedicated page for the booking of Vauxhall demonstrators organised for us and our members by Vauxhall. Please select the page headed “Vauxhall 3 day test drive” to the left of this page to be taken to the dedicated area, or alternatively click here to be navigated to the page.