Demonstration Vehicles

The Procurement Partnership understands the needs of our customers and the regular requirements for them to “try before you buy” when procuring new vehicles.

This is why in partnership with all of our manufacturing partners (Cars/LCV’s) we are able to offer our members the opportunity to book demonstrator vehicles to appraise them prior to placing an order to ensure they are suitable for their operational needs. We are able to offer demonstration vehicles from 2 days duration up to 2 weeks, giving your organisation and employee’s the chance to have an in-depth assessment of the vehicles and their capabilities. Please click the links to the left in order to obtain details on how to book a demonstration vehicle.

Also contained within this area of our website are some photographs and accompanying test drive reviews written by employees of TPPL following demonstration vehicles we have been supplied with by our manufacturing partners. We include some of the critical vehicle statistics for each test drive review within this section and hope these may prove useful for you coming from an unbiased source when considering your vehicle choice.