New Hyundai Campaign – Kona Electric (PBS-TPP)

Hyundai are delighted to be able to introduce a Q3 2020 Campaign on selected Electric models, due to increased production and stock availability.

  • Terms run from the period 01/07/2020 to 30/09/2020
    • They are based on orders
    • All vehicles include FOC Paint.

The dealer discount is the default level that every recipient of Hyundai Fleet Terms can expect on an order. We recommend you check with your supplying dealer network the terms that they are offering by model.

The terms are only extended to the PBS-TPP fleet code.

For more information either contact your TPPL Business Manager or



Bringing building materials expertise and our Dynamic Purchasing System together

TPPL’s building materials market knowledge, combined with our Dynamic Purchasing System offers you a quick go-to solution for the best possible prices whilst ticking the necessary boxes for compliance, social value and expertise. The DPS can work around the contract you require; ranging from a long-term multi-year arrangement like a managed store, or a shorter fixed basket/range to support a particular project or category.

Here are key ways that TPPL can assist you:

  • Access to decades of category specific knowledge, experience and expertise in fleet, materials and public sector procurement.  Fleet and materials are two of the largest critical spend areas for housing providers with in- house contractors/maintenance teams (often known as a direct labour organisation “DLO”).
  • Market knowledge, including inside track on how builders’ merchants are innovating, with van-stock apps and remote non-staffed ‘pop-up’ stores
  • Guidance and support on making the right decisions relating to specifications/service levels, including how to approach the market; what the procurement process should look like for your organisation and a ‘best fit’ approach rather than just a one-size fits all ethos.
  • Pre-tendered framework and DPS solutions that provide compliance with public sector procurement rules (Public Contracts Regulations 2015) whilst having a commercial edge, i.e. value for money.
  • Access to leading suppliers both nationally and regionally – particularly with materials where there is flexibility to add more suppliers (including local SMEs) to the DPS.
  • A database of over 25,000 market rates for commonly purchased building materials, allowing insight into how pricing compares to peers and opportunities for cost reduction
  • Social value from activity completed, including engaging with local/regional supply-chains, through to training, apprenticeships and social value funds for investment in local projects.
  • Achieving carbon zero: Our DPS suppliers can provide a wide range of products and services. From ground source heat pumps, solar panels through to electric vehicle charging points and refurbished modular build units we can help source what our members need to achieve carbon zero.
  • Further competitions conducted using a leading tender portal, providing a secure, transparent and fully auditable solution
  • Support and advice throughout the evaluation process, we can decipher the trade jargon for you.

Read our NEPO219 Building Materials Guidance on conducting Further Competitions by clicking on the image below.


Transit & Tourneo Connect 2020.75 – product and price changes

Here are the upcoming product enhancements and pricing changes for Transit & Tourneo Connect 2020.75MY:

Product Updates:

  • FordPass Connect is now standard on all Transit and Tourneo Connect models.
  • Heated seats with Tray tables are now standard on Tourneo Titanium series
  • The Radar Pre-collision assist camera has been replaced with a Camera based version on Tourneo Connect
  • The Passenger Airbag deactivation switch has been deleted and the function moved to the cluster area
  • Trend single passenger seat packs now include heated seats


  • There is a GPI of £650 on all Transit Connect models
  • Tourneo Connect has no GPI but an increase on the standardisation of the FordPass Connect and the new seat pack (Titanium only).

Customer Order Price Protection

Where vehicle prices have increased, COPP is available on vehicles which have a contract date on or before 15th June 2020. In these cases the price from the previous price list will be honoured.

For more information, please contact a member of our team –

Stock of 43 x Volkswagen Crafter

One of our Framework suppliers now has stock of 43 x Volkswagen Crafter CR35 MWB High Roof vans, which are available for immediate delivery at a very competitive price. The vehicles come complete with business pack and single front passenger seats – ideal for social distancing!

For more information, please contact us at

NEPO and TPPL extend partnership for a further five years

NEPO and The Procurement Partnership Ltd (TPPL) have extended their successful partnership for a further five years, until 2025.

The partnership was originally launched in 2017 to provide NEPO’s Member Authorities and Associate Members with a compliant route to meet their fleet requirements. This includes the acquisition of a wide range of vehicles from cars, light and medium commercial vans to buses, coaches and heavy goods and specialist vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles.Since the establishment of the partnership, over the last three years NEPO Members have accessed the full range of fleet solutions to place over 650 orders, covering over 1,500 vehicles with a total investment exceeding £80 million.  Following this success, the partnership recently widened its scope to include building materials, covering a broad range of requirements from general materials to plumbing and electrical spares to modular build commercial and residential accommodation.

Benefits of the partnership include the following:

  • Access to a wide range of key suppliers.
  • Increased competition delivering more competitive pricing.
  • Additional support provided by TPPL including technical and market knowledge, support with regard to running further competitions and the delivery of tender exercises where required by Members.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, TPPL are working closely with suppliers appointed to solutions to assess their ability to bid on procurements at this time. It is important procurements are structured and monitored in a way that offers members the opportunity to obtain the best level of competition available, whilst ensuring suppliers are treated fairly and have the chance to bid for tender opportunities at this challenging time.

Steven Sinclair, Procurement & Commercial Director at NEPO said:

“NEPO’s longstanding partnership with TPPL focusses on adding value to the public sector’s buying experience.  The expertise and insight offered by TPPL has helped to shape a joint portfolio of solutions that is compliant and market-leading.  Our commitment to work in partnership for a further five years will build upon this good work and ensure that we continue to deliver for our public sector members.”

James Brennan, Managing Director at TPPL said:

“We are delighted to have extended our partnership with NEPO. The relationship has enabled TPPL to enhance the purchasing power available to our wider membership. As a result of our collaboration with NEPO we have made a number of market leading procurement solutions available to public sector organisations across the UK. We will continue to provide public sector organisations with guidance in matching their requirements to the appropriate TPPL solution, and providing comprehensive support throughout the procurement process.”

The full range of solutions delivered under the NEPO and TPPL partnership includes:

  • EXT113 (HCC Purchase) Vehicle Purchase Covering Cars, Light and Medium Commercial Vehicles, Sweepers up to 12.5t, Vehicle Racking and Van Conversions, Telematics Equipment and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.
  • EXT115 (BNES Bus) Vehicle Purchase Covering OEM Minibuses, converted accessible and non-accessible minibuses, Coaches and Buses up to 75 seats.
  • EXT116 (HCC Contract Hire) Vehicle Contract Hire Covering Cars, Light and Medium Commercial Vehicles, Welfare Buses and Sweepers up to 18t.
  • EXT118 (CSKL Rental)  Vehicle Rental Covering Passenger Cars, LCVs, MCVs, Welfare Buses and Coaches, Sweepers and Heavy Goods Vehicles up to 44t.
  • NEPO214 Grounds Maintenance and Plant Equipment, including Handheld Tools.
  • NEPO224 HGV and Specialist Vehicles Procurement Framework Including Contract Hire of HGVs and Buses.
  • NEPO219 National Building Materials (DPS)

Public sector organisations wishing to use solutions delivered under this partnership can contact or and a member of the teams will get back to you.

TPPL update

We hope you’re keeping well and coping with the inevitable pressures placed on Local Authorities and public sector organisations at this time.

Ordinarily right now, we would be distributing our quarterly newsletter to members, providing updates on what’s been happening at TPPL the past 3 months, and what developments the team is currently working on for members. Whilst it’s important we deliver this information to members, we believe deferring distribution is the best cause of action during this extended period of “lockdown”.

Encouragement can be taken from information leaking out of the industry reporting multiple car and commercial motor manufacturers are to recommence manufacturing on the continent from this week. Understandably the safety conditions implemented in factories to protect staff, will result in much lower capacity for the short term, one manufacturer has been quoted stating 20% of normal production capacity will be achieved for the first 4-6 weeks of production.

Should members require equipment to assist with disinfecting public areas, we have been made aware of the following products available from suppliers appointed to our solutions:

The Eco City Sanitiser From Trafalgar Street Cleaning Equipment

Detergent Injection Retrofit Kits from Scarab Sweepers

Please contact for information regarding any historic, current, or future tender activity members may have questions about. Our staff are in regular dialogue with suppliers appointed to our solutions, assessing their current operational circumstances and ability to deal with tenders during this time. 

TPPL – Covid-19 and framework activity

We wish to remind you TPPL are still fully operational to serve your needs should you require assistance, or have any concerns regarding past, present or future procurements via our Framework Agreements. Our main priority, like many others, is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees throughout these challenging times. We are pleased to confirm that we currently have a fully enabled workforce equipped and working remotely to support you should you need us to.

Much like businesses all across the UK, suppliers appointed to our frameworks have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and we are liaising regularly with them, where possible, to obtain updates on their current operational status. Generally, many car and van dealerships across the country have closed for sales of vehicles, resulting in many manufacturers furloughing a large number, if not all of their sales staff, with immediate effect. Having said this, we still have a number of dealerships and manufacturers who are able to bid on tender opportunities, should they go to market.

Frameworks which seem to be less affected by the close down of many suppliers are those who are serving front line services such as truck dealers, specialist vehicles, refuse vehicles, sweepers, and grounds maintenance/agricultural equipment. We are also being advised most leasing companies are operating on a “business as usual” basis.

A number of builders merchants appointed to our Building Materials DPS are operating on a strict no contact collection, or delivery only arrangement. Some merchants have put contingency resource services in place for members, such as 24 hour emergency sales order line being provided by Edmundson Electrical.  Others are offering our customers a next day delivery service and non- contact click and collect only – including Rexel.

The sooner procurements are issued, evaluated, awarded and ordered, the nearer the head of the queue your orders will be when we resume normal life and suppliers recommence manufacturing vehicles. Many suppliers will be reliant on a healthy order bank when their facilities re-open to ensure business continuity.

If you have any particular queries or concerns then please contact us at where one of our team will be happy to help,

COVID-19 – update on our framework suppliers

We hope everybody is keeping well at this difficult time.

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister on 23rd March, a large number of framework suppliers have contacted us advising on what basis they are operating, if indeed they are operating at all. Car and light commercial vehicle dealerships are operating remotely for sales enquiries and support, however showrooms and dealerships are now closed whilst maintaining skeleton staff to provide aftersales and service support to essential and frontline workers. Some dealer groups have taken the decision to completely close on a temporary basis. It goes without saying, most, if not all dealerships have ceased to deliver vehicles with immediate effect.

Builders Merchants summary

Jewson – open on a limited basis for delivery service ONLY

Travis Perkins – open on a limited basis for delivery service ONLY

Buildbase/Grafton – closed completely at this time with discussions taking place to reopen on a limited basis to continue supply through a small number of branches

Rexel – open on a limited basis for delivery and collection service, as per guidelines on company website

Edmundson Electrical – open on a limited basis for strict no contact collections, and delivery service

Government guidance

The guidance from the government is clear, if you are a non-essential worker, you must stay at home.

It’s reassuring to see the government issue guidelines to public bodies advising them to give suppliers relief on payments during, and after, the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, to ensure business continuity.

TPPL are still fully operating with a remote workforce, to discuss any concerns you may have with transactions, please contact a member of the team.

National:  01954-250517 – Head Office
Scotland: 07407-811103 – Keith Sergison
North of England: 0161-4911812 – John Lomax
South of England: 07786-383133 – Rob Kendall

If you have any other questions at this time, please call 01954 250517 or send an email to and a member of our team will get back to you.

TPPL Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

On Tuesday afternoon all head office staff were sent to work from home remotely, and we would like to reassure members TPPL are still operating at full capacity. Whilst this migration happened seamlessly in most areas, we have experienced issues with our telephone system and the call forwarding functionality. Therefore, to contact a member of the team please call the individuals DDI or main office number (01954 250517) and you will be met with a voice message providing the mobile number for the individual you need to reach. Alternatively, please send an email to for an immediate response or call back.

We appreciate that like us, you are probably inundated with supplier status messages at the moment, and concerns being raised from the people and industries you serve as to how your service is being affected today, and the knock on affects for the future.

Fleet Manufacturer closures

The following manufacturers have announced closure to manufacturing plants across Europe. The length of closures are being touted as between 1-4 weeks at this time.

  • Ford
  • Peugeot
  • Citroen
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen
  • Mini
  • BMW
  • Toyota
  • Nissan

What happens with member procurements?

Feedback from suppliers suggests they still have the ability to submit tender responses to procurements issued, however lead times will inevitably be affected for any factory order products not available from stock. Please be mindful of anticipated requests for extension to tender deadlines, and factor in sufficient time to allow bidders to respond on any new procurements.

If you have tenders which are still under evaluation awaiting award, we advise a clarification on the lead times submitted against the tender to allow for re-evaluation if necessary. For tenders already awarded awaiting orders to be confirmed, we are recommending members progress these where possible to avoid further delays to delivery lead times. This will ensure orders are will be processed sooner when manufacturing does eventually commence.

As you will be aware, CCS have issued a Procurement Policy Note (PPN) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which essentially states authorities may need to procure goods, services and works with extreme urgency. Authorities are permitted to do this using regulation 32(2)(c) under the Public Contract Regulations 2015. Regulation 32(2)(c) allows for authorities to procure goods using accelerated methods i.e. direct award, due to extreme urgency caused as a result of the unforeseen situation.

Supplier solutions for contingency

Should members wish to obtain details of solutions suppliers are offering to provide contingency during these unprecedented times please get in touch with us.

The Rental industry is being utilised to provide vehicles to frontline services, and we have already had several suppliers advise they are able to assist with expedited processes to get vehicles to the frontline with urgency. These messages have come with the advice that rental suppliers could potentially be forced to close their doors in the near future, as has happened across Europe.

Building material suppliers are providing products to members for use in emergency situations, following difficulty of obtaining building materials due to closures and skeleton staffing levels across many building merchants. One such product is an unmanned emergency pop-up stores solution provided by Buildbase & Grafton Supply Chain Solutions.

Members can contact should they have an urgent need for any of these solutions.

Find out more by reading the Cabinet Office Procurement Policy notice on responding to COVOID-19.