TPPL Case studies

South Holland Council

Delivering single-step access to quality building materials at competitive costs

South Holland Council own and manage over 4,000 social housing homes in the UK and have a significant maintenance and repairs team to support their requirements. As a result, their need to get quick and easy access to a full range of quality building materials on an ongoing basis is particularly high. In addition, they have high targets around maximising cost control and complying with procurement regulations.

The Council had previously engaged with TPPL’s Phil Williams for his inside knowledge into building materials procurement; a service built on reputation that they were unable to find elsewhere. They gained the reassurance they needed that their needs would be taken care of every step of the way throughout the procurement process, and guidance would be received on niche specifications. When looking to go to market for the procurement of electrical materials, TPPL was the first organisation that the Council went to for advice.

A five-year contract, using TPPL’s Dynamic Purchasing System is due to commence in February 2021. The Council have been delighted by their quick and easy access to a high quality range of suppliers at competitive costs. The process has been extremely straight forward and light-touch, supported by compliance-led template documentation that has allowed a speedy turn around.

According to Martin Gibbs, Procurement and Contracts Officer at South Holland Council:

‘Significant cost savings have been achieved through the package of advice and support received from Phil Williams. Not only on building and electrical materials, but around the compliance and regulation documentation such as terms and conditions that we haven’t needed to get approved by costly independent legal advisors’.

Download the South Holland case study.

Oxfordshire County Council

Meeting electric vehicle procurement goals through technical knowledge and expertise

Oxfordshire County Council has very specific and ad hoc vehicle requirements to facilitate a wide range of services delivered. Having been one of TPPL’s members since 2012, they have been supplied with a wide range of cars, vans, medium commercials buses and HGV’s. Currently, TPPL run tenders on their behalf; help with the evaluations and liaise with successful suppliers, in addition to dealing with any problems or issues they may have.

In 2019, the Council purchased twenty-six converted welfare minibuses which were delivered through TPPL’s NEPO Framework. The procurement was achieved through a compliant, quick and efficient route to market with healthy competition and competitive pricing.  According to Oxfordshire County Council, TPPL provided a very competitive result which they wouldn’t have been able to achieve elsewhere. In fact, the relative price difference of the winning bid from the same type of exercise held back in 2013, delivered a difference in price far less than 6 years of inflation.

In addition, the efficient service of TPPL was supported by their in-depth knowledge of the vehicle sector, offering recommendations on the best options throughout the procurement lifecycle.  This was demonstrated by the high degree of flexibility of the award so that they were able to split the final result to ensure that the Council achieved its Electric Vehicle procurement aims.

Download the Oxfordshire County Council case study.

North Warwickshire Borough Council


Implementing a simplistic yet efficient process to successfully procure refuse vehicles

North Warwickshire Borough Council had a requirement to procure three 26 tonne refuse collection vehicles for green waste to replace three existing ones that were at the end of their life span.

The Council needed a simplistic yet efficient process to replace their existing model of using small suppliers which was arduous, time consuming and difficult. They decided to engage TPPL to support them in their goal to obtain their exact specifications within budget and with ease.

Throughout the tender process, TPPL provided the whole team with transparency on what stage they were at, with a fully informed activity log. In addition, common incoming queries from suppliers were efficiently dealt with by TPPL throughout the duration of the procurement, removing time consuming admin and potential difficulties in responding due to other priorities.

North Warwickshire Borough Council received six responses, and the process was so easy and efficient to evaluate that there was a clear winner. As a result, the council’s objective to move from regular steer to rear wheel steer was achieved at just under budget.  Additionally, they also received perks such as turbo engines that were more economical and electric lifts.

North Warwickshire Borough Council were delighted with the seamless procurement process facilitated by TPPL and would use them again for future procurements.

Download the North Warwickshire Borough Council case study.

Newcastle City Council


Supporting carbon neutral objectives via seamless procurement of electric vehicle charging points

Newcastle City Council implemented a climate change strategy in 2018 with aspirations to become carbon neutral by 2030. As a result, the authority has committed to the procurement of electric vehicles via an electric by default policy – meaning all new cars and small vans will be electric powered as opposed to diesel.

The procurement process to obtain up to forty new electric vehicles over the next two years has begun – this will ensure a seamless transfer from the current diesel vehicles to an electric fleet. In addition, there is a requirement for a re-charging infrastructure to be installed within the Council’s depots.

The Council engaged with TPPL for the procurement of electric vehicle charging points to enable the recharging of these vehicles at their council depots. The system needed to be smart in its energy delivery to ensure their current infrastructure is not overloaded during peak demand. The proposal was to install thirty-four charge points with software to measure the energy usage per vehicle. The deadline was tight and required installation within two months of placing the orders. Throughout the process, TPPL provided guidance around the specification to be used, delivered a list of appropriate optional items that they may wish to consider, and advised on the ways of accessing the framework.

With the support of TPPL’s team, they carried out a competitive mini tender utllising the TPPL framework and as a result, received a number of responses which were evaluated on both quality and price. Despite the tight deadline around the required locations of the charging units, the awarded supplier delivered and installed the products very efficiently, despite some difficult locations.

The successful supplier – Elmtronics, supplied and installed thirty-four charging units across four sites, including the Civic Centre underground car park. The sites were surveyed and installation started immediately, the installs worked well and the charging infrastructure is now operational.

Download the Newcastle City Council case study.

Clarion Housing Group


Managing complex vehicle requirements to deliver a transparent and compliant route to market

Clarion Housing Group comprises of the country’s largest housing association, Clarion Housing, with 125,000 homes nationwide, part of the group is Clarion Response which is the repair and maintenance arm of the Group. The services provided by Clarion Response have grown significantly in recent years and with it a large variety of complex vehicle procurement requirements.

Having looked at other framework providers, TPPL’s was selected because it offered greater flexibility, additional support and technical knowledge to assist Clarion to create and deliver their vision.  In addition, TPPL’s frameworks offered Clarion Response a transparent and compliant route to market that met all of their requirements. TPPL’s Jim Brennan has a wealth of knowledge in the vehicle sector and provided technical guidance and recommendations during the procurement process.

TPPL worked with Clarion Response to carry out a complete fleet review with the aim of delivering major cost savings and key operational improvements. The areas looked at were suitable and affordable manufacturer vehicles, dealer supply and back up, vehicle conversions and leasing providers. TPPL carried out individual tenders for each of the elements as part of the fleet review which established the right mix of value for money and operational effectiveness for the business going forward.

Having completed the review and renewed their fleet to be fit for purpose, they drove down costs and were able to meet the challenging environment all social housing providers will be faced with over the coming years.

Download the Clarion Housing Group case study.

Vivid Homes

Driving down costs and implementing operational efficiencies through a successful re-tendering strategy

Vivid Homes is one of the one of the largest providers of affordable homes and housing-related services in the south of England. Having expanded in 2016, they had a requirement to double their fleet size with a higher level of efficiency, whilst ensuring full compliance was met and maximising cost control.  They engaged TPPL to assess every aspect of their combined fleet and deliver a strategy to retender and meet their objectives.

TPPL’s Jim Brennan drove forward the fleet review process, providing his in-depth industry knowledge and fleet expertise, whilst ensuring that Vivid Homes remained in complete control throughout the process.

Essential components of the fleet review were the vehicle manufacturer, the fit-out and conversion supplier, telematics and the Leasing/Fleet management company.

Key aspects of the process supported by TPPL included:

  • Access to strong potential suppliers at discounted rates via TPPL’s frameworks
  • Implementation of selected suppliers and scoring systems
  • Organisation of pre-tender discussions
  • Associated technical documentation support
  • Formal meeting support to ensure expectations/requirements were interpreted correctly
  • Arrangement of suitable demonstrator vehicles.

As a result of TPPL’s support, Vivid Homes in conjunction with TPPL ran full mini competitions on all the separate elements of the process enabling Vivid Homes to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies. These savings lead to Vivid Homes placing an order for 315 vans, with an additional 35 the following year and subsequently a further twenty to-date. Huge amounts of time were saved through the high level of efficiency delivered that would otherwise have resulted in wasted effort in the wrong directions. Furthermore, Vivid Homes were able to achieve their overall cost savings by retaining their current manufacturer with much better pricing. Simultaneously, they managed to introduce some additional features in the vehicles to help drivers and achieve better engagement.

During the ordering and delivery process Vivid experienced problems with one or two suppliers and TPPL stepped in to sort these out and ensure the process carried on to achieve Vivid’s objectives.

Download the Vivid Homes case study.

Cottsway Homes

Cottsway Housing provide homes for over 10,000 customers via rent and shared ownership, with a repairs and maintenance workforce of over 40 people. Cottsway have a substantial ongoing requirement for building materials to support repairs to their housing stock of over 5,000 properties – amounting to £1.5 Million per annum. They had an existing contract in place with a sole supplier that was ending in Summer 2020. To support the procurement of a new contract, Cottsway were looking for a flexible Framework solution to deliver a balance between premium service and competitive fees.

After considering other frameworks, Head of Property Services, David Baddeley, decided that TPPL’s Dynamic Purchasing System was the one to go for because of the highly competitive fee, demonstrable market knowledge, comprehensive support and the involvement of leading suppliers. In addition, David had previously worked with TPPL on the vehicles side and had received excellent support, which served well in his decision-making process.

TPPL’s Phil Williams, who specialises in building materials procurement, was brought on board to provide his market knowledge and guidance. Cottsway Housing received a full package of advice and support, with Phil assisting Cottsway through every step of the procurement process. The agreed project targets were achieved and timescales met, despite of the Covid lockdown disruption.

Cottsway were pleased at the savings achieved through TPPL’s Dynamic Purchasing System, and found Phil’s style of communication very transparent. In particular, Cottsway were impressed with how Phil took account of their views and fully understood what they were looking for. They were not pushed down a certain route and the solution was fully tailored to suit their needs.

As a result of the support received by TPPL, Cottsway Housing are now successfully up and running with the new contract and look forward to continued working with TPPL.

Download the Cottsway case study

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